Life Goes On (DJ DX) Blend

by Andrea Martin



This was remixed in 2021 during some of the hardest times in my life. Heartbreak from someone I really loved and cared about. It took some time to realize that what is meant to be will happen no matter what. I am thankful for everything and all of my experiences, I am blessed to be alive, healthy, and abundant as a black indigenous man in America where the odds are stacked against us.

I was born in the light and have been in it my entire life through the good and the bad time's music has always freed my pain. Normally we focus on the bad times that we experience but it's seldom that we cherish the good times. Betrayal hurts but the happiest moments last forever. You could imagine a person like me who has been through literally everything would let someone really break him down to the core? Sadly it happens to the toughest goons and mobsters on the planet, even innocent people.

Sometimes I ask why me? What did I do in my past life that was so bad that I had to pay for the karmic debt for something that I did and did not know of it. I believe sometimes we do break our spiritual contracts and have to pay for it in some shape of way. Hopefully, my debt is paid in full, true love will always find its way home. Even if it's from the one who broke your heart!

Most of the fans who have been supporting me throughout the years know that I express myself through records. I make them talk and speak about my life or yours, whether it's through writing or through the turntables!

This one comes from a special place, Thank you to Andrea Martin for the vocals mixed on this remix. To the moon and back, Azucar!

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released August 21, 2021


all rights reserved



DJ DX Jersey City, New Jersey

Turntablist, lyricist, songwriter, engineer and record producer with a variety of songs and remixes.

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